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3: Advanced Level
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To move qubee learners to the next level, this page encourages them to write a one-to-two page articles. Themes of the articles on which the qubee learners are expected to write are listed below. In addition to the list given below, qubee learners can also write articleson the audio (radio) and print media. Alternatively, the students can write the article on any issue they are interested in. In all cases, the learners must follow the rubric given for writing the  the articles. 

If you email us your one-to-page article, we might review it and post it this page.

1) The fact that the oldest fossil is found in the land of Kush suggest that Oromos might have been the origin of humanity.

2) Watch the video and answer the following questions. (a) What did the clients order? b) Did they get what they ordered? What is the reason?