This web page introduces you to the basic Qubee afaan Oromoo: the Oromoo alphabet. This includes: 1) Pre-Qubee alphabet. Qubee Song. Colors | Flash Card of Colors | Coloring | Word Wall | Color Walk | Animals | Flash Card Animals 2) The Qubee alphabet. Objectives. Pronounciation of each alphabet. Lower and uppercase alphabets. Similar lower and uppercase alphabets. […]

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Who We Are We are a group of volunteer Oromo professionals commited to promote qubee and afaan Oromoo literacy. Composed of professional teachers, educational technology experts, and afaan Oromoo specialists, this team has the expertise and desire to render such a service. Given the constraint of time, the team is trying its best to make available as many resources […]

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Basic Afaan Oromo Communication

(DW) — A journalist has been shot dead in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. Just days ago, the country’s president issued what sounded like a threat to the media. The US has called for a thorough investigation. Peter Julius Moi, who worked with the independent New Nation newspaper in Juba, was shot as he was heading […]

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